writing educed.

I dreamt of painting blank pages with beautiful storylines and being recognized by many through my unquestionable desire and ability to exert and insert reality into books. It seemed to me that nothing was as unmovable as literature. Yet, something as from the quotes of Charles Bukowski always bothered me. He said for an individual... Continue Reading →

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To my readers.

the most important people to me at the moment, while under this heavy cloud of global pandemic and collective uncertainty is you, the readers who have found my thoughts, my voice and my humble blogs to be another home for them. A place you feel welcome as you traverse the world of literature and bare... Continue Reading →

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As a 21-year-old.

There is to me a period of incubation necessitated by the harsh wilderness of pubescent life. I am at an ends trying to write and make sense of my world. It has not been an easy task, there have been countless moments where the vigor and imagination of my childhood often times faded away putting... Continue Reading →

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IN the END

here we go again, another post. this side of me today is new. I think it is, but I am not quite sure. I dont know if I am as confident at this point in life I am in as I should be. confidence? that's all I think about. but yep. here we are again,... Continue Reading →

Dreams for others.

flora and fauna does not have shit on me. the flowing dress that gracefully drapes down your gentle body feminine as a pink hibiscus does not dumbfound me. your glossy hair, wide smile and infectious laughter could fool and entire army but with me, I see what it is, its true intention and again, it... Continue Reading →

My Odyssey with Alice. #1

queen Sheba before Solomon Nairobi has been cold for the past two or so weeks. the clouds have been grey enough to represent the brick and mortar of the vast expanse of a city. the red lights on highways as traffic grinds to a halt amid rapid winds. wet roads and police doing what they... Continue Reading →

climate change.

in the proud glory of the 21 century, amid the innumerable masses of citizenry each with their goals, dreams and ambitions at heart i shall not relent. it is with this astute belief in self that i rally upon all the hopes of my past and those that shall come in future against the threatening... Continue Reading →


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